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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Dirty Dash - 2011 at Bogus Basin

On Saturday, August 27th Andrew Firkins, Bryan Allen, Farrell Firkins, Adam Firkins and Greg Young competed in the annual "Dirty Dash" at Bogus Basin near Boise, Idaho. Special thanks to our daughter, Kelly Stubbs, who inspired and dared them to do it! We are looking forward to next year when Kelly (no longer expecting), Matt (not busy with a new job), Ryan (not working) and Jon (home from his mission in Brazil) can be part of the team!!! GO CRAZY CREW!!!

Leaving the house for the big event!

Andrew & Kaitlin

Off the front of the line at the start.

See you in an hour or so...

We spotted Farrell first. His time: 1 hour and 4 minutes! Awesome!

Adam & Greg arrived soon after Farrell...

Then Andrew & Greg!

The slide was next!

Now for the best part - the mud pit!!

Andrew went in first with Farrell close behind!


Reinacting a childhood moment :)





They let me be the photographer...I liked my job. All of the laughs and none of the dirt! :)